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Traffic control is an integral part of the road landscape. It is an essential communication tool for road users. It must be designed and set up in such a way as to help road users by enabling them to adapt their driving to different situations they may encounter, without any hesitation or false manoeuvres.

In other words, it must give drivers advance warning of any upcoming manoeuvres or changes in direction and give them to prepare accordingly, in addition to indicating the correct path to follow and notifying drivers of any hazards that may be found along the way. In conclusion, traffic control signs serve as reminders of the Road Safety Code and local regulations.

The legal basis for road signs used in Quebec is found in Title VII of the Highway Safety Code. Article 289 of the Code provides that the message of a road sign, both in its composition and in its meaning, is within the competence of the Minister. It also stipulates that the standards for the manufacture and installation of road signs are established by the Minister and recorded in a document, in this case volume V.